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LTL shipping (Less than truckload)
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FTL shipping (Full truckload)
from 16 215 $
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Shipping company from Albuquerque, freight rates for FTL and LTL shipping in Albuquerque

Albuquerque, New Mexico, is home to a robust and diverse transportation landscape. With its strategic location at the intersection of major highways, including I-25 and I-40, the state offers excellent connectivity for the movement of goods and people. The Albuquerque International Sunport serves as the primary air transportation hub, facilitating both domestic and international flights. The city is also serviced by a well-developed public transportation system, including buses and the New Mexico Rail Runner Express, providing convenient commuting options for residents and visitors alike. When it comes to freight transportation, Albuquerque benefits from a strong logistics infrastructure, including a network of rail lines, trucking routes, and warehousing facilities. Companies seeking to transport goods in and out of Albuquerque can take advantage of competitive Albuquerque freight rates, making it an attractive hub for businesses.

Aline Logistic is a leading transportation company specializing in freight services in Albuquerque and across New Mexico. With an extensive fleet of trucks and a dedicated team, Aline Logistic offers reliable and cost-effective transportation solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether it's local or long-distance transportation, we provide tailored logistics services to meet our clients' specific needs. From warehousing and distribution to inventory management and freight consolidation, our company ensures seamless and efficient transportation of goods. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are the go-to company for reliable and affordable transportation services in Albuquerque and beyond.

Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager
Your personal manager, available via chat and phone. They'll handle your order, find the right vehicle, and prepare all necessary documents.
Reliable Transport
Reliable Transport
We partner with experienced drivers who have passed our rigorous screening. They're fully documented and boast an accident-free driving history.
All-inclusive Cargo Solutions
All-inclusive Cargo Solutions
We handle it all: individual vehicles, combined loads, out-of-gauge cargo, and containerized shipments.
Best Price Guarantee
Best Price Guarantee
Our rates are 30% less than individual providers and major companies. Upfront rate, no surprises.
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LTL freight shipping 2 USD per mile

"Less Than Truckload" shipping does not require the full space of a truck or trailer. Goods from multiple shippers are typically consolidated into one truck. This method is often used for smaller shipments.

  • Load capacity - 3t
  • Length - 4.2 - 5 m
  • Width - 2 - 2.2 m
  • Height - 2 - 2.4 m
LTL freight shipping

"Less Than Truckload" shipping does not require the full space of a truck or trailer. Goods from multiple shippers are typically consolidated into one truck. This method is often used for smaller shipments.

  • Load capacity - 3t
  • Length - 4.2 - 5 m
  • Width - 2 - 2.2 m
  • Height - 2 - 2.4 m
Dry van 2 USD/mi

A type of enclosed trailer primarily used for transporting non-perishable goods. It protects cargo from weather and theft, making it suitable for general freight shipments.

Dry van freight shipping

A type of enclosed trailer primarily used for transporting non-perishable goods. It protects cargo from weather and theft, making it suitable for general freight shipments.

Refrigerated truck 2 USD/mi

Vehicles equipped with temperature-controlled cargo spaces. They're essential for transporting perishable items like food, flowers, and certain medicines, ensuring they remain fresh and safe.

Refrigerated truck freight shipping

Vehicles equipped with temperature-controlled cargo spaces. They're essential for transporting perishable items like food, flowers, and certain medicines, ensuring they remain fresh and safe.

FTL freight shipping 2 USD/mi

In 'Full Truckload' shipping, the entire truck or trailer is occupied. FTL is dedicated to a single shipper's goods and goes directly to its destination.

FTL freight shipping

In 'Full Truckload' shipping, the entire truck or trailer is occupied. FTL is dedicated to a single shipper's goods and goes directly to its destination.

Freight quote from Albuquerque to Virginia Beach
from Albuquerque
LTL shipping
Dry Van
1902 $
3842 $
3008 $
3396 $
1903 $
3844 $
3009 $
3398 $
LTL shipping
Dry Van
1902 $
3842 $
3008 $
3396 $
1903 $
3844 $
3009 $
3398 $

Welcome to Aline Logistic, your trusted partner in the world of freight transportation. We're delighted to introduce our array of specialized services tailored to meet your unique shipping needs. No matter the size or distance of your cargo, we have the perfect solution.

Precision LTL Freight Shipping:
Our Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) service is designed for smaller loads, offering you the cost-effectiveness you need. Get an accurate freight quote for your shipment from Albuquerque to Virginia Beach, with rates starting at just $0.98 per mile.

Versatile Flatbed Trailers:
When your cargo is oversized or uniquely shaped, our flatbed trailers are the answer. Versatility is our strong suit, accommodating various freight types. Rates kick off at $1.98 per mile, ensuring you can meet the specific needs of your cargo.

Climate-Controlled Reefer Transport:
For temperature-sensitive goods, our refrigerated trucks maintain the perfect environment for your cargo. Rates start at $1.75 per mile, guaranteeing your perishables stay in optimal condition from Albuquerque to Virginia Beach.

Secure Dry Van Services:
When you require a dry and secure environment for your cargo, our dry van service provides the solution. Rates begin at $1.55 per mile, ensuring your goods reach their destination in perfect condition from Albuquerque to Virginia Beach.

At Aline Logistic, our commitment is to transport your cargo with precision, timeliness, and affordability. Request a freight quote for your route from Albuquerque to Virginia Beach today and experience the reliability and superior service that make us the preferred choice for your transportation needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Pricing and Payment
Do you need prepayment?
β€” No. We work without prepayment. Pay when we deliver your cargo to your location: before unloading.
Will the price change by the end of the trip?
β€” No. You will pay exactly the price that we fixed in the contract.
At what stage of transportation do I need to pay?
β€” When the truck delivers your cargo to the address: before unloading.
How long does it take to calculate the cost of cargo transportation?
β€” Usually our first call is enough time for this. But if the cargo needs to be transported along a difficult route, or the cargo is oversized, it may take a little longer.
Another question?
β€” When the truck delivers your cargo to the address: before unloading.
Delivery Terms
How many days before transportation should I leave a request?
β€” We process urgent requests directly on the day of application, but it is better to leave the request at least 2 days before the departure date. It will be cheaper this way. It is worth considering that a permit for the transportation of oversized cargo takes from 2 to 10 working days.
How long will it take to deliver the goods?
β€” On average, a car travels up to 600 km per day. Based on this, you can calculate approximate delivery times. For example, a car from Moscow to Samara will deliver cargo in about 2 days (1200 km: 600 km/day = 2 days). In some regions of Russia, cars drive slower due to the difficult climate and terrain. We warn about such situations in advance.
Can you do it faster?
β€” Drivers drive adequately on time: without unnecessary downtime. Now they strictly ensure that drivers get enough sleep and rest; this is recorded on the tachograph and on-board recorder, which are in every car. We work with drivers who follow the rules. It’s safer this way: the risk of accidents is lower and there are no fines.
How to resolve a force majeure situation?
β€” A personal manager will be in touch and will help resolve any questions that arise: via chat and by phone. We quickly respond to changes in cargo volume or characteristics and other additions. We promptly update the contract according to new conditions.
How to track the cargo?
β€” If necessary, we will provide a full report on the location of the car.
Does the cargo need to be delivered somewhere or will it be picked up from the address?
β€” You don’t need to bring it anywhere, the car will drive to the specified address. At loading, you need to give the driver 3 copies of the consignment note with signatures and seals: he will give 2 copies at unloading, and 1 copy will be transferred to our company office for reporting.
Paperwork and Guarantees
When will I receive closing documents?
β€” Your personal manager - logistician will begin preparing documents immediately after unloading. He will send them to you no later than 3 working days.
Are you working under a contract?
β€” Yes. We draw up a contract for each shipment. This way you can be sure that all agreements, including the price, are fixed and will not change.
How is the contract signed?
β€” We will send you a completed agreement with a stamp and signature via chat or email. There you will confirm the order.
Are the goods insured?
β€” If necessary, we will help you obtain cargo insurance from our partners: the cost is calculated individually and depends on the value of the cargo, the transportation distance and the number of risk factors.
Do you have your own movers? Is unloading included in the cost of transportation?
β€” No. We work with partners in whom we are confident. These are not β€œscheming” companies, but companies with professional teams. Therefore, the loaders are always sober, do not break fragile cargo and arrive on time. We only charge for shipping. Partner services are paid separately.
How many times will my cargo be transferred from vehicle to vehicle?
β€” We do not reload cargo from vehicle to vehicle. We accept the cargo and deliver it to the desired address using the same vehicle. No cargo collection terminals.
Oversized cargo
What cargo is considered oversized?
β€” These are loads that do not fit into a standard truck bed. Internal dimensions of the Eurotruck body (length-width-height): 13.6m*2.45m*2.5m. There are also heavy loads - this is anything heavier than 21 tons. To transport oversized and heavy cargo, you must obtain a transportation permit. Our logistician can help with this too.
How long does it take to obtain a permit to transport oversized cargo?
β€” From 2 to 10 working days. The period depends on the weight, size of the cargo, as well as the complexity of the route.
Can I send frozen products? Transporting perishable products?
β€” Yes, we transport perishable and frozen foods in refrigerators. Thus, throughout the entire journey, food is stored as if in a refrigerator – at a constant temperature.
Do you transport goods with a hazard class?
β€” No, we do not transport such cargo.
Are you applying for a permit to transport oversized cargo?
β€” Yes, we are preparing permits for the transportation of oversized cargo.
Shipping Features
How many vehicles will carry my cargo along the chain?
β€” One car from start to finish: no substitution of cars and reloading of cargo along the way.
Will you find cover and escort vehicles?
β€” Yes, if necessary, we will find cover and escort vehicles.
Can I carry cargo with a passenger?
β€” Yes, we will transport cargo with a passenger over a distance of up to 500 kilometers. If the distance is greater, the passenger must be negotiated directly with the driver. Here we cannot promise that he will agree.
Shipping route from Albuquerque to Virginia Beach

Shipping route from Albuquerque to Virginia Beach Shipping from Albuquerque to Virginia Beach spans a total distance of approximately 1,800 miles. The journey can take around 34 hours to complete, assuming steady travel with a cargo truck. Aline Logistic, with its extensive experience in transporting goods between these two locations, offers reliable and efficient transportation services along this route.

Starting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the route heads east on Interstate 40 (I-40), passing through various cities and states along the way. The first major city encountered is Santa Rosa, located in northeastern New Mexico, followed by Tucumcari and Amarillo in Texas. Continuing east, the route takes you through Oklahoma City in Oklahoma and Little Rock in Arkansas. From there, the journey progresses through Memphis, Tennessee, known for its vibrant music scene, before crossing the Mississippi River into Mississippi.

As the route moves farther east, it passes through Birmingham, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia, both prominent cities in the southeastern United States. The final stretch encompasses Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, before reaching the destination of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Throughout this journey, Aline Logistic ensures that your cargo is transported safely and efficiently, leveraging their expertise in this specific shipping route.

With Aline Logistic's extensive experience on the Albuquerque to Virginia Beach route, customers can trust in their knowledge and expertise. The distance of 1,800 miles, which can be covered in approximately 34 hours, takes cargo trucks through a variety of cities and states. From the scenic landscapes of New Mexico to the thriving music scenes in Memphis and the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, this route offers a diverse range of sights and experiences. Whether it's commercial or industrial goods, Aline Logistic ensures that shipping from Albuquerque to Virginia Beach is a smooth and reliable process.

Virginia Beach's freight rates

Shipping company to Albuquerque, freight rates for FTL and LTL shipping in AlbuquerqueVirginia Beach is located in the southeastern region of Virginia and boasts a well-developed transportation landscape. The city is served by major highways such as Interstate 64 and Interstate 264, providing easy access to other major cities in the area. The Port of Virginia, located in nearby Norfolk, is one of the busiest ports on the East Coast and plays a crucial role in the transportation of goods. The city also has a well-connected network of railways, with Norfolk Southern and CSX Transportation operating in the area. For businesses looking to transport goods in and out of Virginia Beach, the city offers a diverse range of transportation options, including trucking, rail, and shipping. Virginia Beach freight rates can vary depending on the mode of transportation chosen and the distance traveled, with factors such as fuel prices and cargo weight also affecting the overall cost.

Aline Logistic is a reputable transportation company that specializes in providing efficient and reliable transportation services in and around Virginia Beach. With a strong understanding of the local logistical infrastructure, Aline Logistic offers a comprehensive range of transportation solutions tailored to the needs of businesses. Our company is dedicated to ensuring that goods are transported safely and on time, with a team of experienced professionals managing every aspect of the transportation process.

Shipping from Albuquerque to Virginia Beach

Aline Logistic's intercity cargo transportation service, connecting Albuquerque to Virginia Beach, is a visionary leap into the future of logistics. Beyond the traditional narrative of shipping, we epitomize the fusion of innovation and eco-consciousness, catering to clients who demand nothing less than groundbreaking solutions.

Our service is not merely a bridge from Albuquerque to Virginia Beach, but a transformative commitment to a more sustainable world. At Aline Logistic, we lead the way by embracing cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, setting a new industry standard. Our fleet is a testament to our dedication, powered by state-of-the-art,
environmentally-friendly systems, ensuring efficiency while minimizing our environmental footprint. For discerning clients who value innovation, Aline Logistic represents a resounding declaration of intent β€” a pledge to navigate the path towards a greener, more efficient tomorrow. Join us in the journey of redefining intercity cargo transportation. Each delivery with us is not just a package moved; it's a promise delivered, carving a path to an eco-conscious and forward-thinking future.

Still have questions?
Still have questions?
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Customer Reviews
Emma Wilson's Review
Emma Wilson

Hello! This is my feedback about moving service from Chicago to Las Vegas, and this is really excellent! That professionalism and care, what do manager Helen is unprecedented. She paid special attention to every detail of our move, especially in packing valuable items like photo albums and collections. Our entire cargo was delivered exactly on time and, most importantly, in complete safety. A big thanks to the drivers of Aline Logistic for regular updates on the cargo's location, which gave our family peace of mind throughout the journey. This move was truly great!

Andrew Williams's Review
Andrew Williams

I want to say couple words about my experience with your team. This is the first time, when i literally did nothing in process of delivery my package. Your people really has knowledge about their work, and... I know what I said it on phone call, but wanna repeat it again - thank you, Aline Logistic! I hope what my feedback help other people choose you πŸ™‚

DrillTech Solutions's Review
DrillTech Solutions
CEO, John Anderson

Just wanted to share my appreciation for your amazing delivery service. Despite loading challenges, your team's swift actions for transportation were impressive. Constant updates from my manager eased my worries and everything arrived in perfect condition. Your flexibility and problem-solving skills are top-notch. Definitely recommending you guys!

Nicholas Davis's Review
Nicholas Davis

With your company our family move from Orlando to Seattle be such smooth and easy! Moving from Orlando to Seattle, we were amazed by the level of service from Aline Logistic. Our manager not only organized the transportation but also supported us at every stage, significantly reducing the stress of moving. The delivery went smoothly, and the attention to detail was outstanding - all vulnerable items and furniture were carefully packed and unloaded. Particularly impressive was how your team handled our houseplants - all arrived in perfect condition. This was not just a move, it was a true partnership at every step!

HealthTech Supplies's Review
HealthTech Supplies
Director, Elizabeth Moore

Hello! One of my team-members just told me about working with your company, and I think I should write to you directly. Your team, led by manager Amanda, professionally and meticulously handled my shipments. I confidently recommend your company as a reliable and efficient logistics partner. Also, I particularly appreciate the Aline Logistic team's ability to ensure cargo safety, as well as that people's attention to detail and customer orientation, which sets them apart from competitors. Brilliant experience, thank you!

TechAdvance Solutions's Review
TechAdvance Solutions
CEO, David Roberts

I have already finished talking with your manager and want to share my experience directly with you! Delivery was absolutely amazing. This complex task was brilliantly executed thanks to the professionalism of your teamwork. They skillfully managed the transportation of specialized equipment. Constant communication with the manager, who was always in touch, provided a sense of confidence throughout the journey. Quick response to unforeseen circumstances and transparent pricing made this move incredibly easy. And I promise - all my business partners will soon know about you :)